Farmers from 42 states and Canada have now chosen the EASILOAD SEED SYSTEM for their seed handling needs. EASILOAD SEED SYSTEMS are the best built, best priced systems in the market, with OVER 4800 UNITS sold in the last 20 years across the Nation.

Farmers from 42 states and Canada have now chosen the EASILOAD SEED SYSTEM for their seed handling needs. EASILOAD SEED SYSTEMS are the best built, best priced systems in the market, with OVER 4500 UNITS sold in the last 19 years across the Nation.

About Us

Clarks Ag Supply no longer works with it’s original fabricator. Today our fabricators are out of Lincoln, Nebraska and Lincoln, Illinois.  Both fabricators use top of the line laser cutters with certified welders.   Both finish with a baked on powder coat finish. 

EASILOAD SEED SYSTEMS have made planting easier for farmers by eliminating the back-breaking, time-consuming, “old-fashioned way” of loading seed into their planters. Always “Road Ready” and “Water Tight”.

Make your planting much easier year after year, Call CLARKS AG SUPPLY and ask about our 2, 3, 4 BOX or Bulk EASILOAD SEED HANDLING SYSTEM: 866-246-2588.

Simply the Best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clarks Ag Supply started in 2000.  seeing what was on the market Clarks Ag Supply thought there could be something better.  at the present time EasiLoad seed tenders are in 34 states and Canada, serving 3500+ farmers and seed dealers.

No, absolutely not! never run a lundell poly cup auger backwards. by doing this you will force the auger pieces apart damaging the system.

The rubber seals are flexible and are forgiving when loading the boxes.  the rubber seals will last years when loaded correctly.  hard plastics don’t offer any forgiveness and can easily break. 

Yes ,  boxes are all the same, they are produced by buckhorn manufacturing.  all companies use the buckhorn boxes.

Yes,  anything short of a hurricane,  they are a “3” piece box, lid, top and bottom.

No,  absolutely not!  Clarks Ag Supply listens to it’s customers and through the past 17 years have went through an evolution of “this works , this doesn’t” Clarks Ag Supply then looks and tests the ideas and if so makes changes to improve the EasiLoad seed tender.

Absolutely!  Easiload seed systems are at a raised height of 15.6” putting enough slope on the telescoping tube to do a great job filling planters.  with an Easiload seed system the 3 stage telescoping tube is attached by a flex tube that allows you to reach a 12 row narrow planter or a ccs planter by simply pushing the tube together.

No, we keep the Easiload seed systems simple.  thus our slogan “simply the best” .  when you have hydraulics you have oil, hoses, pumps, filters and leaks!

On all the systems the cleanout door is at the bottom of the vertical auger.  this opening allows virtually every seed to come out.  there are no corners for seed to hide in.

Yes, we offer a separate remote control with variable speed control, a standard scale package and a programmable scale option.

Yes, we offer both a talc applicator and an inoculater that can be installed at the time of purchase or added later.

All systems are double powder coat paint not wet paint that will come off the first time on a gravel road.  easiload seed systems never sit in the elements, rain, allowing them to rust before reaching the powder coat booth

No, Clarks Ag Supply has numerous patents protecting its designs and ideas.

Easiload seed systems are built in Congerville, powder coated in Bloomington. and assemble at the Clarks Ag Supply location in Lincoln, Illinois.

A standard 2 box will unload 50 units around 5-6 min.  the lo profile 2 box will unload 50 units  in 4 – 4 ½  min.  and the 3 & 4 box  easiload tenders will unload 50 units in 3 ½ – 4 min.  these times are approximate.

Easiload Seed Systems use a poly lundell cup auger.  depending on the size the auger is always 1” smaller then the tube it is in.

Independent tests done by Ohio State University source, impact of bulk seed handling on soybean germination rate has found that decrease in germination with a poly cup auger is 1.5% while the belt conveyor is 5.9%.  these are independent test results found on Ohio State University web site.

No, the physics of a horizontal auger allow you to move more product then vertically thus allowing the horizontal auger to run slower but moving a large quantity of product.

The auger on the easiload seed systems are raised by a “KYB” actuator.  clarks ag supply has used and tested this source of lift for over 8 years.  a simple toggle switch up raises the auger, down lowers the auger.

No,  with the easiload seed systems you never have to leave the ground, raising the auger, loading the boxes, locking the boxes all happens from ground level.

The boxes are locked down with the patented Easiloc lock down device.  the locking hooks disappear into the floor when loading the boxes and with the simple movement of the handle in the front of the machine the Easiloc secures the boxes for safe transporting.

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